Every Derry home to get an electoral form


Thousands of homes across the North West are to be visited over the next month as the Electoral Office carries out a canvass of the electorate.

Staff will be delivering forms to every home to ensure that the electoral register is up to date in time for forthcoming elections.

The forms should be returned by September 27.

The last update of the register took place in 2006.

Those who return their completed forms will appear on the new electoral register which will be published in early December.

Graham Shields, the chief electoral officer, said: “Being on the electoral register safeguards your democratic right to vote and ensures that you have your say in elections. Even if you don’t intend to exercise your right to vote, it still remains a legal obligation to register.

“Registering to vote is easy and I would ask everyone to take just a few minutes to complete the registration form and return it to us by the September 27 deadline.”

Séamus Magee, head of the Electoral Commission in Northern Ireland, added: “Even if you think you are already registered to vote or your details haven’t changed, you still need to complete and return the form.”