Ex-hunger striker Ferris to launch book at Ráth Mór

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Veteran Sinn Féin T.D., Martin Ferris will launch ‘Ireland’s Hunger for Justice: The story of our 22 martyred hunger strikers’ - a new history of republican protest - in the party’s Ráth Mór office on Thursday night.

The Kerry representative, who spent 47 days on hunger strike as an IRA prisoner in the 1970s, said: “I am looking forward to visiting Derry on Thursday night to launch the book.

“What we set out to do was to honour the memory of Lispole native Thomas Ashe, and while we discussed Ashe’s life and death we realised that there were 21 others who also gave their lives on hunger strike from 1917 to 1981.

“We decided to write a short book detailing, as much as possible, the story of each of these brave men. Some died in British jails but others too died in Irish jails and have almost been written out of history.

“I am honoured to have played a small role in bringing this book to print. Hunger strike was sometimes the only option republican prisoners had to use. The suffering and sacrifice of these 22 brave men should never be forgotten.

“Neither should the sacrifice of the thousands of men and women who also took part in prison protests throughout the decades.

“They all had the same goal of a free Ireland. Some, like Ashe, died after being force fed while others like Kieran Doherty TD, died after spending 73 excruciating days on hunger strike, we salute them all.

“The book will launch take place at our Ráth Mór office on Thursday night at 7.00pm. All welcome.”