Ex pats share Superstorm Sandy stories

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Scores of north west expats caught up in the superstorm battering America’s East Coast have been sharing their experiences online.

Michaela McFadden, who lives in Hamilton, New Jersey, sent us the above pic via Twitter.

Writing on the site she said:”scared it was going to hit the house. We were lucky but power is expected to be down till Monday”

On the Derry Journal’s Facebook scores of people shared their stories.

Niall Boyle wrote, “When I was younger, in a storm the Tunnel between Bloomfield and Carnhill would flood so we would walk a different way. Same idea here only its the Battery Tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan! :-) all safe and sound here in Brooklyn after the worst of Sandy has passed!!!

The storm, which has killed at least 17 people, is now thought to be heading west.