Extras wanted for Derry film

Those behind a local film production are looking for local people to get involved as extras.

Writer, director and producers Alessio Zanin and Keith O’Grady of Brassneck Productions have received funding from NI Screen to make a comedy short film. Shooting will take place in Derry on March 23rd and 25th.

The film is a black comedy about an unemployed man and his struggle to cope, not only with the current economic and unemployment situation but also with a difficult social security employee.

The situation gets increasingly stressful until an unexpected occurrence tips the balance in favour of a radical change.

Mr. Zanin said: “The cast and crew is made up of talented local people who believe creativity and teamwork can achieve great results even on a limited budget.”

The film makers are also seeking local people to take part in the production as extras. There are no particular requirements besides being over 18 and able to guarantee full commitment for those three days.

If interested in taking part in the film please send a photograph and brief description to highlowsfilm@gmail.com or visit tits webpage at highlows.weebly.com and fill in a contact form.