‘Extremely’ high winds on way for Derry and Donegal

A seasonal scene as trees get a coating of snow. (0301PG04)
A seasonal scene as trees get a coating of snow. (0301PG04)

While many in the North West worry about the first snowfall, experts at Met Eireann have instead warned of “extremely” high winds in coming days.

Met Eireann warned of a storm passing by the North West coast of Ireland last night, which could bring with it rain, hail or snow.

More worryingly, the storm will leave in its wake some “extremely windy weather” and a gale warning in effect.

“Winds will be very strong across Derry and Donegal, with wind speeds reaching 120-140km per hour at times,” the Met Eireann spokesperson told the ‘Journal’ last night.

“There will also be showers, and some hail, sleet and snow on higher grounds like the Glenshane Pass, but the main feature will be the high winds.

“Along the coast we will see Storm Force 10 winds, with strong to gale force winds across land and along the North Coast in the next day or two.”

With temperatures plummeting in the past few days, local folk will no doubt take the opportunity to wrap up warm and protect themselves against the harsh January conditions.

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