With Gardai in the peninsula confirming speeding detections locally are up 750% on last year, a new social network site has now been set up to warn people about the location of speed camera vans on Inishowen roads.

The Facebook page, Mobile Speed Cameras, which boosts almost 2000 members, allows people to upload the times and places where speed vans and garda checkpoints are placed in a bid to avoid the speed traps.

At a meeting of the Buncrana Joint Policing Committee last week, Superintendent Kevin English said the increase was due to the introduction of ‘Go Safe’ vans as well as ongoing Garda detections across the peninsula.

Examples of the messages listed on the public page are “black transit speed van at Redcastle at 5pm”, “Van on Carn Brae”, speed van “well hid” between St Johnston and Porthall, “Van at Noones Bridge at 7.40” and “Speed van at Cashel na Cor Buncrana.”

However as well as sightings of the Garda vans, users of the popular page warn other road users about the obstacles they may face locally.

“Tree branch down in Clar, Redcastle” said one user. While another informed people about the heavy rainy on the road from Moville to Carn being “fairly flooded”.

The mobile speed camera vans have been highly controversial since they were introduced last November as many people claimed they were solely “money making schemes” for a cash strapped government, and the cameras were placed in the wrong places.

Supt English said that ‘by and large’ the vans were deployed at locations where accidents had frequently occurred.

A first time offender will have to pay an 80 euro fine and receive two penalty points.

In a sinister attack last April, a speed van was set alight on the Carn Brae.