Facebook page set-up to ‘boot James McClean out’ of British football

A screenshot of the 'Boot McClean out of Britsh Football' Facebook page.
A screenshot of the 'Boot McClean out of Britsh Football' Facebook page.

A Facebook page has been set-up to campaign for Derry born professional footballer, James McClean, to be kicked out of British football.

The 26 years-old West Bromwich Albion and Republic of Ireland midfielder, has refused to wear a remembrance poppy for the last three years and does not intend to wear one to mark remembrance Sunday on November 8.

McClean’s decision to not wear a remembrance poppy has angered football fans in England and the North of Ireland.

On two occasions, McClean has explained to English football fans why he refuses to wear a poppy but despite this he has been subjected to unrelenting sectarian and personal abuse.

The Facebook page in question is titled ‘Boot McClean out of British Football’ and has been ‘liked’ by over 5,500 people. It is completely open to the public.

The reason given for why the page was set-up can be seen online. It reads: “To be a professional in any sport requires dignity and tact, especially while in the public spotlight, this man’s [James McClean’s] actions are totally out of order.”

Less than 48 hours ago, someone with the ability to post as ‘Boot McClean out of British Football’ on Facebook published an image that glorifies the actions of British Paratroopers on Bloody Sunday in Derry on January 31, 1972.

Thirteen innocent civilians were murdered in Derry on Bloody Sunday, a fourteenth victim died from his wounds several months later.

The image pertaining to Bloody Sunday reads: F**k Bloody Sunday. No apology. No surrender. Our soldiers are heroes, not criminals.”

One reader contacted the ‘Journal’ and said they had reported the page to Facebook.

The reader claims Facebook told him that the page does not violate their standards.

Meanwhile, James McClean has escaped punishment from the English F.A. after celebrating West Bromwich Albion’s 1-0 in front of Sunderland fans last weekend.

The English F.A. has officially warned McClean about his behaviour.

Speaking after the game, West Bromwich Albion boss, Tony Pulis said McClean was not the “sharpest tool in the box”.

“He’s [James McClean] not the sharpest tool in the box, and that’s not being disrespectful to him. But he’s a smashing lad.”