Facebook Shop Row: Designers offer make-over to Ciara Moore

Ciara Moore
Ciara Moore

The Derry mum of two at the centre of the row over comments made about her in a city centre clothes shop has been offered make-overs by two businesses - keen to make her feel better about herself.

Ciara Moore, was who left humiliated after staff laughed about her psoriasis on Facebook, has been offered VIP treatment by both Buncrana designer Nicola McLaughlin (The Sequin Cinderella) and by Lisburn boutique ‘The Style Retreat’.

Nicola McLaughlin of The Sequin Cinderella, wearing one of her own designs.

Nicola McLaughlin of The Sequin Cinderella, wearing one of her own designs.

Nicola said the story had really “touched a nerve” with her. The designer is just launching her own fashion brand and is a finalist in the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. She said: “My mantra is all about encouraging women to feel confident in their own bodies - and promoting body positivity.

“I was so angry that this woman had her confidence knocked so much, that I wanted to give her a really positive experience to counteract it.”

Nicola will be meeting with Ciara in the coming weeks to discuss her likes and loves and will then put together a custom designed outfit.

“I hope this helps her. The response she has had, and the support out there has been brilliant.”

Since making contact with Ciara, Nicola has received in the region of 200 emails from women suffering from similar skin complaints praising her for actions and saying they wished more designers took her approach.

On Tuesday evening the ‘Journal’ was also able to put Ciara in touch with the owner of The Style Retreat in Lisburn, who also wants to offer her a positive shopping experience.

Style Retreat owner Danielle Campbell wrote: “Such horribleness is just so unnecessary. Dress shopping should be a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone. If anyone knows this lady please ask her to get in touch with us as we would love to have her instore for a fun shopping experience and sort her out with a dress free of charge. It’s the least she deserves.”

This morning Ciara was set to meet with local management at Quiz in Derry.

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