Family call for bomb report

The scene aftter the explosion in Kildrum Gardens. (0209MM10 )
The scene aftter the explosion in Kildrum Gardens. (0209MM10 )

The family of a man killed by an IRA bomb in Creggan 23 years ago this week have criticised another delay in the release of a report into how the RUC investigated the case.

Sean Dalton was one of three people killed when a booby-trap bomb - intended for British soldiers - exploded in a flat in Kildrum Gardens in 1988. The 55 year-old and his 60 year-old neighbour, Sheila Lewis, were killed instantly in the blast ,while another man, Gerard Curran, died later from his injuries.

The IRA had kidnapped the occupant of the flat and planted the device, expecting the flat to be raided by the security forces. Neighbours noticed the man’s absence and went to investigate. When Mr Dalton got inside, the bomb triggered.

In 2005 Mr Dalton’s family asked the Police Ombudsman’s family to investigate claims that the RUC knew the bomb had been planted but left it there to protect an informant.

In a statement released this week, the family said; “It was agreed we would receive a final report in the autumn of 2010. Since then we have been promised many times that the report would be ready, yet we are still waiting.

“We were recently assured that we would receive the report at the end of August 2011 to coincide with the 23rd anniversary.

“In a letter dated 26 August 2011 to the Pat Finucane Centre, however, the Ombudsman has reneged on that promise and says the report will be delayed yet again.

“We are deeply disappointed and urge the ombudsman to release the report without further delay.”

A spokesman for the Police Ombudsman said: “We can understand the family’s frustration and can assure them that it will be the next major historical report that we publish.”

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Martina Anderson called on the Ombudsman to release the report to the Dalton family.