Family heartbroken as little dog Ozzy dies following attack

A Derry family have said they are devastated after their pet succumbed to injuries he sustained in a savage attack by two other dogs.

Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 9:47 am
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:01 pm
Little Ozzy.

Little Shih tzu - Maltese ‘Ozzy’ was set upon by two bull terrier-type dogs when he was out for a walk with his owner, Marie Doherty, in Creggan play park on Thursday evening.

Marie tried desperately to save ‘Ozzy,’ using a stick to fend off the bloodthirsty dogs during the prolonged attack.

Her son, Michael, said he had been in the Skeoge area when he was informed about what was unfolding and raced to the scene to try and get ‘Ozzy’ away from the dogs. He managed to lift him seconds before the dogs charged in again. “I am sickened that my mum and my family had to witness this traumatising attack. There were children and adults present and they all ha to leave the park it was that bad.”

Michael with his mother Marie Doherty and her dog Ozzy before the attack.

The family immediately took ‘Ozzy’ to a local vet and were told his leg could not be saved. They were advised to wait to see how he responded overnight and under expert advice, the next day took him to a top pet hospital in Belfast. However, they were told later that ‘Ozzy’ wasn’t going to make it and on Sunday returned to say their goodbyes.

Michael said they got ‘Ozzy’ as a pup shortly after Christmas three years ago for Marie and they had become inseparable since. “My mum is 63 and I never thought she would get a dog. The dog was for her and my nephew, ‘Ozzy’ was just adorable and he was just stuck to my mother’s heels 24/7. She was getting him make-overs with the groomer every two weeks. He was the best natured little house dog and he had his own party piece in that he would sing. We are all devastated. He’ll be badly missed.”

The family have also thanked those who rallied around, particularly a local mother who witnessed the attack and later set up a fundraising page online, which allowed them to take ‘Ozzy’ to Belfast.

A council spokesperson confirmed that its Dog Warden impounded two dogs following the incident and that an investigation was underway.