Far right meeting threat

A Bloody Sunday commemoration event in London has come under threat from right wing groups, according to its organisers.

The meeting to mark the anniversary of the 1972 massacre is being organised by the London-based Irish Republican Prisoners’ Support Group and is due to be held on January 31.

The group has said the meeting is being targeted by far right groups because republicans from the North are due to speak at the event.

Belfast republican Martin Og Meehan from the Republican Network for Unity, son of former Sinn Féin politician, Martin Meehan, is among those confirmed to speak at the meeting.

Gerry Downing from the Irish Republican Prisoners’ Support Group, which calls for the re-patriation of republican prisoners, said details of the meeting have been posted on websites connected to the English Defence League and British National Party.

“Because we refuse to be intimidated by these threats we have decided to appeal to the labour movement and to Unite Against Fascism for protection on the night.

“Martin Og Meehan of Republican Network for Unity is a confirmed speaker and other high profile speakers have been invited. We have long understood that it is only a matter of time before the far right EDL and BNP begins to protest at meetings of the workers’ movement, anti-imperialist and solidarity groups. We must not let them gain confidence by a victory here,” Mr Downing said.