Faughanvale PS is social media savvy

Faughanvale PS Vice Principal Mr O'Hare with students.
Faughanvale PS Vice Principal Mr O'Hare with students.

Primary students in Faughanvale are keeping up to speed with the latest social media tools in a bid to promote their school.

A year ago Faughanvale Primary School joined Twitter, a move which has proved beneficial in a number of ways, according to Vice Principal Ciaran O’Hare.

“We have been using Twitter for the last year to promote the school and, really, it’s the pupils who bring forward ideas to populate the Twitter feed. Every year we have ‘Safer Internet Day’, and the emphasis is about students being repsonsible online. This is another way of the boys and girls using social media in a responsible and safe manner, and to promote themselves and their school.”

The Twiiter account - @FaughanvaleS - has a loyal 212 followers, mostly parents of students amd local residents. To date, they have tweeted about successes in and outside the classroom, and used photos to accompany their tweets.

“The pupils come to us with ideas about what they want in the tweets, and they’re excellent at it,” said Mr O’Hare. “You can only use 140 characters so the pupils write out what they think can be included and re-write it if it doesn’t fit and make sure it gets the message across. I uploads all the tweets outside of school. For the children it’s excellent for their own self esteem, to see themselves being promoted amongst their school, and it’s also excellent from a literacy point of view because they have to be concise and precise in what they’re saying. We’ve been tweeting frantically and the followers keep adding up!”

Student Matthew (9) loves helping with ideas for the Twitter account.

“It’s a good opportunity for the school to show parents what’s going on. Our followers can see what we have been doing. It’s fun,” said Matthew.