Fear ‘someone will be killed’ at blackspot

Work at the Teeavan bridge on Thursday.
Work at the Teeavan bridge on Thursday.

A Dungiven man fears “someone will be killed” unless measures are implemented to improve conditions for drivers at what he says is “an accident blackspot” outside the town.

Ian Buchanan said there have been a number of collisions on the winding Teeavan bridge on the Magheramore Road and, on Thursday, workmen were on the bridge completing repairs after what appears to have been a recent collision.

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “Repairs are currently being carried out to the parapets of Teeavan Bridge located on Magheramore Road following damage thought to have been caused by a vehicle. The cost of the repair is estimated to be approximately in the range of £3,000. The exact cause of the damage is unknown.”

Mr Buchanan said the river runs at a 90 degree angle to the bridge “and local people know to watch out when there is frost or ice, but it’s usually strangers who are caught out”.

Mr Buchanan, who lives in the area, said: “That stretch of road isn’t gritted because it doesn’t meet the criteria, but surely there can be an exception here. Surely health and safety has to come into it. No matter who you speak to, they say it’s a nightmare.

“It’s an accident blackspot, and someone will be killed. It would be simple for that stretch of road to be gritted. Surely officials should see common sense.”

Danny O’Kane, who lives close by, agrees action is needed, and said: “It is a dangerous bridge and there have been several accidents there. Something needs to be done.”