Fears over huge hole on road

The hole in the road along the border, captured by Grainne McCool.
The hole in the road along the border, captured by Grainne McCool.

An unexplained hole in the ground which has appeared along the border, has left locals avoiding the area.

The giant gap on the road, measuring approximately 30 inches by 30, gives way to a 15 foot drop leading directly to a fast flowing stream underneath.

The area around the drop appears to be gradually eroding, with the potential for an even bigger section of ground to give way.

The hazardous hole lies just on the Derry side of the Muff to Derry border and although it is not a main route, there are a number of homes and several large businesses within yards of it.

The area is also a regular route for many walking and running enthusiasts from Derry and Donegal.

Grainne McCool, who lives in the area, said she was shocked when she came across the hole during a walk on Wednesday morning last.

“I used to walk that way everyday but hadn’t done that walk over the past few weeks and I couldn’t believe it when I came upon it,” she said.

“I was really taken aback. Then when I mentioned it to friends of mine who run in the area they said they’d seen it too and had stopped using the route because of it.”


Grainne, whose house is just 500 yards from the hole, said she decided to highlight it because of concerns she had about someone being seriously injured.

“I know for a fact that there are children living close by, and I know when my own family were younger I would have sent them out around there to play because it’s a quiet area and there isn’t any traffic.

“But I would dread to think that any kids would be playing around there now. If a child was playing there, and wasn’t fully aware of the danger they would be seriously injured if they fell down through it.”

Grainne went on to say that people walking in the evening time in the area needed to be particularly careful.

“If someone was out for a stroll in the evening when it isn’t daylight, and they were maybe wearing headphones and not fully aware of it they could easily slip down through it.

“I think it needs sorted as soon as possible and I really hope that someone sorts it out before we see someone being injured there.” she added.

When the ‘Journal’ contacted Transport NI yesterday, a spokesperson said they wished to assure people in the area that the hole would be investigated and that they would take any necessary action to make the area safe.