Fears someone will be ‘seriously injured’ or ‘killed’ in Greysteel

Colr. Dermot Nicholl with Greysteel residents Anna Kelly, John Kelly and Deirdre McFadden. (DERR1212SJ2)
Colr. Dermot Nicholl with Greysteel residents Anna Kelly, John Kelly and Deirdre McFadden. (DERR1212SJ2)

A Greysteel mum has expressed serious concern that someone will be seriously injured because of drivers running red lights in the village.

Deirdre McFadden said her daughter has experienced a couple of “near misses” when trying to cross the road at the traffic lights.

Speaking of a recent incident, Ms McFadden said: “My daughter was waiting to cross the road and the lights had turned red, but a car drove straight through. Luckily, I had warned her not to cross the road until it was clear on both sides. It was a close call and I am very concerned, because it’s so dark so early now and the uniforms are all quite dark coloured.”

Sinn Fein Councillor Dermot Nicholl said he has been lobbied by several concerned parents. When speaking to the ‘Journal’ on Wednesday, at least two vehicles drove through the traffic lights as they were red.

“Parents are telling me that when the lights are red and the children are crossing, some cars aren’t stopping. Parents are very worried a child is going to get knocked down and seriously injured, or worse,” said Colr. Nicholl, who said he has contacted police about the issue.

“Drivers need to adhere to the highway code,” said Colr. Nicholl. “When the light is red they need to stop. When we have a serious accident, and someone is seriously injured or someone is killed, it’s too late.”

The PSNI say they are aware of the issue and are monitoring it.

Inspector Steve Haslett, of the Road Policing Unit, said the ‘running’ of red traffic lights is “inconsiderate and dangerous”.

“Traffic lights are in place to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic and to reduce the risk of collisions,” said Insp. Haslett.

“Anyone who goes through a traffic signal when it is on red is committing an offence, including, potentially, one of dangerous driving, which carries a mandatory 12-month disqualification.”