Feminism Rising?

As part of the centenary of International Women’s Day, Women Activists for Social Justice (WASJ) will be holding a discussion called ‘Feminism Rising?’ this coming Monday, March 7, at 7.30pm at Unison Hall, The Old Church on the corner of Queen Street/Clarendon Street. All women are welcome.

Among the issues to be explored at the discussion are - Have women achieved equality? What are the pressures on young women today? Is feminism about more than getting women into politics? Are minority groups well served by feminism? Does the North West have a feminist movement or a women’s movement? Does it matter?

Women Activists for Social Justice is a non-political network of women in Derry and Donegal concerned about social justice and the future of feminism in Ireland.

‘Feminism Rising? will include short contributions from the LGBTQ and Traveller communities and women working in the women’s sector and an open, lively discussion is expected. Fair trade tea and coffee will be available.