Ferguson Missouri: Bloody Sunday families show solidarity with victim

Kate Nash.
Kate Nash.

A small gathering attended a vigil for Michael Browns family and the people of Ferguson, Missouri at Free Derry Wall on Saturday afternoon. Key speakers were Bloody Sunday family member, Kate Nash and veteran Civil Rights campaigner, Eamon Mc Cann.

Throughout the world have been angered by the decision of the Grand Jury not to indict police officer, Darren Wilson, on any charges for shooting dead the American teenager on August 9.

Speaking to the Derry Journal, Kate Nash said: “As family members of the Bloody Sunday dead, we draw parallels with other unarmed and innocent victims killed by the forces of law and order.”

Regarding the judicial response, or lack of, Kate Nash drew similarities between their experiences and that of the Brown family, stating: “You have a judicial system that’s meant to be independent and impartial, but in reality, is actually politically interfered with.”

Speaking of the similarities between Ferguson and what engulfed Derry 42 years ago, Eamon Mc Cann said: “Distance and skin colour make no difference to the grief and anger that has erupted across the US since the decision not to prosecute the policeman who pumped six bullets into the teenager’s body.”

Eamon Mc Cann also warned of the dangers regarding the dramatic rise in the militarisation of policing in the US stating: “We can recognise that scenario here, too, and know that no good came of it for anyone involved.”

Officer Darren Wilson has since resigned his position within the Ferguson police force.