Film Club reels in the crowds

The Roe Valley boasted its very own movie house years ago when it had the Regal Cinema on Catherine Street in Limavady but, since that closed film fans have been forced to drive to Derry or Coleraine to go to the flicks.

Philip Kingston, however, hopes enthusiasts can catch a piece of the action closer to home with the formation of the Roe Valley Film Society, created after a casual chat with fellow film enthusisats - wife Helga, Janet Loughery and Karen Morrison.

“We all love cinema and we were talking about films we didn’t get to see on the big screen because they weren’t shown in the multiplexes and we thought this was a way of getting to see them on the big screen,” he explained.

Teaming up with the Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre the Society had its inaugural screening on Tuesday night, showing the critically acclaimed An Education to several dozen supporters.

The Society - a member of the British Federation of Film Societies - hopes to hold regular screenings open to members and non-members.

“A film society is for members run by the menbers and it will show films people want to see and, secondly, you can get to see them in a group environment and cinema-going should be a group experience. Thirdly, there is nothing to beat showing a film on the big screen. It is just not the same on your television at home. Also, there is an opportunity to meet afterwards and discuss the film and socialise.

“If there is a desire for it in the community, and we will see that over the next three months, but if there is a desire we would propose to open it up as membership with an annual fee, which then gives you admission to all the films in the year at a discounted rate. It is still open to the public at large in a pay-as-you go basis.”

Movies planned for the next few weeks include Bladerunner and The Town.

The Society is also supporting RVACC Reels, the Arts Centre’s moving image initiative which is a member of Filmbank and will provide additional public film screenings, community projects and moving image workshops for young people.

For information, contact The Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre on 777 60652.