Film maker appeals for Hallowe’en photos

A local filmmaker, who is producing a feature length film about Hallowe’en in Derry, is appealing for the public to gather together old images from years gone by.

Deborah Boyle of Reality Check Media Ltd, is focussing on the time and effort people in the city put into the annual event, and she is keen for people to raid their attics while they pack away the Christmas decorations.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday she said, “I have compiled about half of the film’s content but really need help in getting together photos from the past.

“I thought today would be a good time to ask as people are putting their decorations away, they could also have a hunt around for those old Hallowe’en photos.

“Those who gather together the photographs can send them to me via the film’s Facebook page - - and I will take them digitally or as hard copies. Of course any original photos will be scanned and then returned to their owners.”

There’s also an incentive to get involved as Deborah explains, “I’ll be running a competition for anyone who sends in photos to be entered into a draw to win £50 Foyleside vouchers and dinner for two at the Everglades, which was the original prize for Hallowe’en costume contests back at Tony Toland’s bar!”

Deborah continued, “Hallowe’en is in the DNA of the city, everybody gets involved in some way and it’s something I’ve enjoyed from a very young age,

“I filmed the North West Carnival Initiative getting ready for the parade in 2014, and I’ve interviewed a range of people talking about the Hallowe’en of times gone by - all I need now are the photos.”

Deborah also has the backing of Guildhall Press/Hive Studio who have been “very impressed with the initiative and enthusiasm of young local filmmaker Deborah Boyle.”

They continued, “We believe the Hallowe’en ‘origins’ concept will make for an interesting and witty local documentary. It will be an offbeat look at the city and its populace as they gear up for Hallowe’en, as well as propose some of the many highly contended origin stories of the street festival.

“Guildhall Press and Hive Studio have given our support and despite our limited resources, will endeavour to commit volunteers, equipment and expertise towards the completion of the project.

“We encourage any and all who wish to be involved in the project - whether they be student filmmakers, enthusiastic participants or someone with an interesting Hallowe’en related story to tell - to get in touch.”