Fiona’s Face of Derry joy

Aoife Grant with Face of Derry  Fiona Crawford.  (2108JB88)
Aoife Grant with Face of Derry Fiona Crawford. (2108JB88)

Meet the winner of the public vote in the ‘Face of Derry 2012’ competition, Fiona Crawford.

Fiona was prompted to enter the competition after losing around three stone last year. “That gave me the confidence to enter my first beauty pageant but I still can’t believe I won the public vote,” gasped the 24 year-old Auxillary nurse at Altnagelvin Hospital.

“I couldn’t believe it, I’m all lured. This is my first beauty pageant - even my mother, Karen couldn’t believe it. I was like a kid running around the house!” It means that Fiona already has a healthy score ard ahead of the grand final in the Face of Derry competition. The Kilfennan model and nurse explained: “It does puts me in a healthy position ahead of the final but I’m really, really nervous as I don’t usually do things like this. I’m like a bag of nerves even thinking about it. I am still working out what my talent is for the talent section so there lots of work to do yet!”

Fiona’s confidence is returning after she shed weight last year. “I dropped three stone within two months and that boost to the confidence gave me the confidence to entry the Face of Derry.” Face of Derry organiser Aoife Grant congratulated Fiona on her public vote and said: “Fiona is a lovely girl - I met her through ‘Herbal Life’ and she has worked really hard at the competition. She is full of enthusiasm for everything she does and we wish her well on finals night.” The Face of Derry final will be held at the Waterfoot Hotel next Wednesday August 29.