Fire Service appeal to ‘stub it out’

Stub it out on No Smoking Day - and the rest of the year - say NI Fire and Rescue Service.
Stub it out on No Smoking Day - and the rest of the year - say NI Fire and Rescue Service.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service is supporting the ‘Take the Leap’ campaign for No Smoking Day 2012 tomorrow by stressing the clear fire safety benefits of ‘stubbing it out.’

Those who quit the habit are, according to the Fire Service, increasing their safety as well as health levels.

Barry McDowell, Foyle Temporary District Commander, explained: “Cigarettes and smoking materials are not only bad for your health they are also deadly fire hazards that could end up costing you, your home or worse your life.”

The Fire Service revealed that last year firefighters attended 97 accidental fires caused by smoking materials. Sadly two people lost their lives, 35 people were injured and 19 people were rescued from these types of incidents.

Mr. McDowell views these fires as all too avoidable: “Unfortunately we witness first hand the damage and devastation caused by fires in the home started by smoking materials. These types of fires can spread very rapidly and within moments can develop into very serious fires.

“By ‘Taking the Leap’ and using No Smoking Day this year as an opportunity to stub out the habit for good you will not only improve your health but you will also improve your home fire safety.

“For those who choose not to ‘Take the Leap’ I would remind them to be extra careful if they are smoking or disposing of smoking materials in their home. Ensure you have stubbed out cigarettes properly before going to bed.”

District Comander Barry McDowell added: “A working smoke alarm should also be fitted in all homes to alert people to a fire and people should have a fire escape plan in case a fire breaks out. We offer a free Home Fire Safety Check and our firefighters will visit your home to look for fire risks and can fit free smoke alarms if required.”

For additional Fire Safety Information log on to NIFRS website or to book a free Home Fire Safety Check call 028 92600477.