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Groups of up to 20 youths have “gone mad, crazy” with fireworks in the Glens area of Limavady, torturing residents, it has been claimed.

Residents told the ‘Journal’ there have been multiple incidents of youths hurling fireworks at passing cars and houses.

“Last Sunday it went on until 6.00 a.m. It has just gone mad, crazy,” said a resident, who preferred not to be named. “There are groups running wild, between 15 and 20 young ones, and how they’re not in their beds and their parents aren’t wondering about them, is beyond me. It’s a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.”

The resident said she won’t go out at night now “because it’s just too dangerous.”

“I don’t think the ones that are involved are all from the Glens area,” said the resident.

“There are definitely youths coming in from other areas,” added the resident.

A spokesperson for the Glens Community Association asaid: “They’re going mad here at the minute with fireworks,” said the spokesperson. “They’re being thrown at cars driving by, and they’re going off at all times. The lower end of the Glens is being tortured by it in particular, and homes where there are pets. It’s a matter of time before somebody has a hand or finger blown off. My appeal is to parents to know where their children are. They shouldn’t be running around at all hours of the morning, especially when they’re nine or 10 years of age.”

A PSNI spokesperson said:“Police have received several reports of fireworks incidents in the Glenview area of Limavady over the past week. These have included the throwing of fireworks at passing cars.

“This is a totally reckless activity that could lead to injury through a traffic collision. On Sunday night, police gathered details of a number of youths allegedly involved in one incident and these will be the subject of a report to the Youth Diversion Officer.”