First Assembly battle for Claire Sugden

Claire Sugden became an Independent MLA in May 2014 following the passing of David McClarty.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 11:39 am

This will be her first Assembly contest.

She said she had spent the past two years getting to know constituents and “building good relationships with communities right across the constituency so I can best represent them in the NI Assembly and be their advocate should they need me”.

The outgoing MLA hopes she will be back at Stormont for east Derry.

“My office has worked hard to make people’s lives better. Much has been done in two years, but there is much more to do., “ she said.

“I am experienced, capable and energised to move this constituency and Northern Ireland forward.

“Vote for me this election to ensure good represenation for the next five years and a politician who you will want to assist you if you need it. “

If re-elected, she said she will “continue to prioritise protection of services for older people including crimes against older people, protecting benefits such as free transport, free prescriptions and warm home payments; rural interests including fair pricing for farmers, access to services, investment in communities and community transport”.

Ms Sugden has said, if re-elected, she will also work to support local business by reviewing rates, ensuring decent broadband and urban regeneration; more investment and value given to the community and voluntary sector who provide services where statutory agencies cannot; more investment in mental health and learning disabilities as well as better services for autism and ADHD; better access and facliities in education.

“I will be promoting action against domestic violence and increased opportunities for young people finding work, added Ms Sugden.