First iPad was given to police by “councillor not from the SDLP three weeks ago”

Jimmy Carr.
Jimmy Carr.
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The SDLP have hit back at claims by local council election candidate, Jimmy Carr, that the party “betrayed” him.

In an interview with The Derry Journal yesterday evening, Mr. Carr said he felt let down by the party after they withdrew support from him 48 hours before a local government election.

Mr. Carr has been at the centre of a political drama since The Derry Journal exclusively revealed that messages of a “questionable” linked to Mr. Carr, had been discovered on a Derry City Council issued iPad, this device was handed to the PSNI several weeks ago.

Yesterday, The Derry Journal revealed that a second iPad device had been handed into PSNI.

However, The Derry Journal can now confirm that the first device was handed to police by a “councillor not from the SDLP three weeks ago”.

A spokesperson for the local SDLP Election Directorate said: “Police have confirmed to the SDLP that a Derry City Council iPad was handed over to the PSNI by a councillor not from the SDLP three weeks ago.

“Our party was not made aware of the initial device being in the possession of police until after an SDLP councillor handed his device containing messages of a questionable nature to Derry City Council a few days ago and recommended it be referred to police.

“Contrary to the malign insinuations against the SDLP councillor who acted in responsible good faith, we note that Councillor Carr ignores the fact that he is aware another councillor not from SDLP had previously presented a device to police due to similar concerns.

“We hope this clarifies that there was no malicious motive on the part of the SDLP councillor, the representative simply did the right thing in referring his device for investigation.

“At no stage did the SDLP make any finding against Councillor Carr. The decision by the Election Directorate on this matter was taken entirely without prejudice to any investigation taking place.

“The party has recorded that Councillor Carr has protested his innocence in relation to any messages under investigation.”