First Radical Bookfair to be held at Pilot's Row

Derry's first ever Radical Bookfair will take place at Pilots Row Community Centre, Rossville Street, on Saturday January 28.

Thursday, 5th January 2017, 11:09 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:40 pm
The Radical Bookfair will take place in Derry later this month.

The Radical Bookfair will play host to participants from all over Ireland and beyond.

It is being staged during a week of events hosted as part of the Bloody Sunday March for Justice, leading up to the annual Bloody Sunday March.

A spokesperson for the organisers of the fair said: “Derry and its surrounding hinterland has without doubt one of the most remarkable radical heritages which has shaped the world in which we now find ourselves, a proud tradition of working class radicalism which has created many momentous events throughout the centuries and has at times forcibly changed society around us for the better.

“In the docks the men organised, in the factories the women unionised, and on the streets the people mobilised, tearing down the walls around those who would prefer to see us in divided. It is no surprise that we continue in that spirit to build on that tradition by hosting the city’s very own Radical Bookfair in an effort to allow our class to educate, agitate and organise ourselves with the ideas that continues to create change.”

The spokesperson added that the book fair was being held in support of small press publishers and independent book sellers and producers “circulating radical reading materials, information and merchandise from independent distributors, non-party political campaigns and groups to share their publications and merchandise, most of which are hard or impossible to find at mainstream book shops”.

Books of local, national and international interests including social and labour history will be among those on offer.

There will also be a number of campaign groups tabling stalls highlighting ongoing human rights and social justice issues at the event.

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