Firstsource defend Derry job requirements

The Firstsource Solutions building in Derry.
The Firstsource Solutions building in Derry.

Firstsource Solutions have defended what they require of candidates applying for the position of ‘working from home Customer Service Advisors’ in Derry.

Anyone hoping to apply for the position is required to provide an appropriately sized computer monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, a headset and a dial pad.

The salary for the job is £13,936 per annum.

A spokesperson for Firstsource Solutions told the ‘Journal’: “The requirements of any role with Firstsource are clearly stipulated in the full job specification, which potential employees must access in order to apply.

“In this case as home working is mainly IT based, these accessories are essential in order to fulfil the requirements of the role.

“All employees are covered by Employer’s Liability Insurance. As a responsible employer, risk assessments for all ‘Work from Home’ candidates are also conducted to ensure that the environment presents no risk or concern to the individual or company.

“The flexible ‘Work from Home’ programme, which operates across all of our UK sites, has been very successful to date with 149 employees choosing it as their preferred employment option.”

The spokesperson added: “We aim to work with all employees to offer a good work/life balance with flexible shift patterns, which also meet client demands.

“There are a number of attractive benefits for employees who work from home including; free TV package, landline and internet, zero commuting costs, a performance related bonus and healthcare package.

“Our teams across Northern Ireland are instrumental to our business and the fact that Firstsource has been investing here for nine years is a testament to the confidence we have in the quality of the local workforce.”