Flags in Aghanloo ‘contentious’

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A Limavady SDLP councillor says residents of a quiet housing development on the outskirts of the town want Tricolours erected on lamp posts near their homes taken down.

Colr. Gerry Mullan said upwards of a dozen flags - Tricolours along with black flags - thought to be hunger striker memorial flags - were put up around the Lilac Avenue and Grannagh Park areas of Aghanloo last week. He said the area has never experienced tension over flags before and people have lived beside each other peacefully.

“Certainly the people that spoke with me don’t want flags up and say they were not consulted and want them removed,” he said.

Colr. Mullan said four Union flags were placed at the roundabout at Aghanloo around the Twelfth of July, and three were subsequently removed.

“Whether this is a response to that I don’t know, but there has never been an issue with flags of any type in this area before and people don’t want it to start. Residents are not happy. This is a very peaceful area and people are very concerned this may lead to something else.”

Colr. Mullan said residents believe the flags are “contentious”.

“The young people around here are interested in sports and not flags that are being used as political paraphernalia to stir up tension,” he added.

A PSNI spokesperson said police worked proactively with local communites to address the issue and the matter was resolved.