Fled when told to take package to PSNI station

A fast food delivery man was “badly shaken” after fleeing masked men who ordered him to take a package to a police station on Saturday night.

The employee of Wheelers fast food restaurant at Strand Road was yesterday “still very upset” after his ordeal in Creggan, his boss told the ‘Journal’.

Restaurant owner Liam Green praised the delivery man for his brave decision to flee the scene at High Park after arriving at an address with a food order at around 6.45pm.

Mr Green explained that what happened to his employee was traumatic.

“He knocked on the door and there was no response, so he knocked a second time and it was then that two individuals wearing scarves over the faces walked up to him.

“They said they wanted him to take a package to the police barracks at Strand Road. He made a very quick decision and just ran. He was obviously terrified by the experience.”

Police later recovered the van and removed it for forensic testing.

The PSNI later confirmed that “nothing untoward” was found in the van.

Mr Green said it was “very unfortunate” that his business was caught up in the incident.

He added: “We’re just trying to run our business and provide a service to the public. Delivery is a hard enough job without things like this. We lost business on Saturday night because we were a driver and van down,” he said.

Last week, a bus driver was ordered to drive to Strand Road station with a viable pipe bomb on board. She drove for a short distance before getting passengers off the bus and calling the police. The device was later made safe by an army technical officers.

Police yesterday renewed their appeal for anyone who was on the bus to contact them on 0845 600 8000 or through the ‘Crimestoppers’ charity on freephone 0800 555 111.

Chief Inspector Tony Callaghan said: “There has been an increase in dissident activity in recent weeks. That’s something we are always assessing.”