Flood water inches from entering Creggan houses

A resident of Ballymagowan Gardens in Creggan has said she and her four children are becoming increasingly distraught as flood water continues to pour into her back garden this morning.

As the video on this story shows, gallons of mud laden water has been pouring onto her property from fields behing the dwelling as a result of heavy rain caused by the severe storm that has hit the North West overnight.

The heavy is rain set to continue.

The heavy is rain set to continue.

And, as a weather warning about persistent rain remains in place the resident says she’s now fearful her home could be ruined.

Tracy McGavigan told the ‘Journal’ she was awoken from her sleep at around 6am this morning by the sound of the flood water coming into her back yard.

“It was so heavy, I thought someone had turned the garden hose on,” she said.

“It’s a nightmare. It had died off a bit earlier and I thought that was it, but now it is picking up again and there is a weather warning for later on again,” she continued.

Tracey’s children’s toys in the back garden have already been destroyed and she says that the water coming from the fields is completely mud coloured and will destroy her home if it breaches the back door.

“In the dark, I thought the water was clear rain water, but when it became light I could see the colour of it. It’s coming so fast it’s actually tearing up potatoes from the fields and they are coming over the fence too.”

The Creggan resident also said her four young children, aged 11, 8, 5 and 2 have been panicked by the situation. Tracey McGavigan also said that despite contacting several statutory agencies to help resolve the issue, that the response to date has been very slow.

However, she said that Independent Councillor Gary Donnelly has been at her home and other affected residents in the area and is attempting to contact the Northern Ireland Floodline for assistance.

Anyone affected by a similar siuation is asked to call the NI Direct Floodline on 0300 2000 100.