Flooding affects Derry golf course

Being situated along one of the most beautiful rivers in the North West offers a golf course many advantages, but it can have its down side as well.

Anglers and golfers peacefully coexist on a picturesque stretch along the River Faughan, which offers great sport for devotees of both outdoor pursuits.

Some fields are flooded along the River Faughan

Some fields are flooded along the River Faughan

But what’s good for the golfer is often bad for the angler - and vice versa.

Salmon fishing is out of season at the moment but golf is an all-year round sport when the weather permits. Anglers love nothing more than fishing after a flood.

But not for the first time, heavy rain has caused flooding at Faughan Valley Golf Course. So far, the river itself has not added to the damage, but with the Met Office forecasting more downpours tonight, the river is threatening to burst its banks at Mobuoy and if it does, more of the luscious green course will find itself under water.