Flooding, tourism and selling fish to the housewives of Grimsby: '˜The Journal' in May 1967

Derry the hub of '˜massive' tourist area

Saturday, 27th May 2017, 9:00 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:04 pm

“Let us get away from the idea that tourist development is for the stranger and not for ourselves.

“The amenities are primarily for us and are enjoyed fifty times over by the residents and after that they are for the people whom we have managed to attract to come here,” said Mr. R.J. Frizell, general manager of the Six County Tourist Board, when he and other senior members of the Board addressed Derry Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Frizell said that his Board offered Derry every possible kind of collaboration and assistance that lay within their power.

There was an ever-increasing flow of visitors into Ireland, north, south east and west.

The pressures were building up very fast, but the rate of growth in the production of amenities and services in Ireland generally had not been such that the demands could be fully met.

Their smallish part of Ireland last year earned over £24,000,000 from the tourist industry, and Ireland as a whole earned about one hundred million pounds.

Cloudburst causes flooding in Strabane

A twenty-minute cloudburst flooded parts of Strabane on Wednesday evening that never were flooded before.

Bridge Street was flooded almost its entire length to a depth of one foot - in places it was more - and for over two hours the local fire service used its entire pumping apparatus before it was finally cleared. Residents quickly erected sandbags.

Donegal fish being sold in Britain’s leading fishing centre

An export business - selling fish to fishermen’s wives in Britain’s leading fishing port - has been successfully launched by enterprising Killybegs fishermen.

While their menfolk are at sea, fishing in the North Sea, and off Iceland, the housewives of Grimsby are buying fresh fish from Killybegs.