‘Flying Irish’ lead the way on 
China charity trek

Margaret, Kerri and Andy Chapman pictured on the Great Wall of China. (1904sj7)
Margaret, Kerri and Andy Chapman pictured on the Great Wall of China. (1904sj7)

When it comes to fundraising, the big hearted Chapman family from Limavady like to keep it a family affair.

Never known to shy away from a daunting challenge, near or far, mum Margaret, and siblings Kerri and Andy are recovering from their most recent venture run by Charity Challenge, a six-day trek over broken wall on the Great Wall of China.

Twenty hardy souls grasped the challenge, with 16 completing it. The group then spent two days in Beijing. The Chapman trio all finished the challenge and collectively raised more than £10,000 for three charities - Pretty n Pink, NI Cancer Fund for Children and Alzheimer’s Society.

Nicknamed ‘the flying Irish’ for leading the group on each day of the trek, Margaret said the exhausting challenge 
was “rewarding”.

“We are so blessed to have taken in some of the most stunning views in the world and raise money for some great causes along the way. They toughest part was the terrain and not so much the distance. We would be 
walking over broken wall with massive drops quite a lot, so you had to be careful. It was challenging, but very rewarding,” 
she said.

Daughter Kerri said having family to motivate her along the way made a huge difference.

“Just to spend time away with my mother and brother was fantastic. We had a few tough walks on the trek and were able to support each other throughout. It was a once in a lifetime experience,” she said.

Andy, well known locally for his charity efforts combining fitness, loved every step of the way.

“I made some fantastic friends on the trip, and met some very inspiring people,” he told the Journal. “One of the girls on the challenge was in a wheelchair just two years ago, and managed to scale some of the toughest sections of the wall, with a smile 
on her face.”

Not content to scale new heights in China, Andy is already planning his next challenge - a Sahara trek next year, which has been described as “the toughest Charity Challenge”, he says.

“I’ll be pestering you all in charity fund-raising events again soon,” he joked, adding: “I would also like to say a massive thanks to everyone who helped and 
contributed to our fantastic 
fund-raising drive in the last 
year. My chosen charity - Pretty n Pink - have shown so much 
gratitude for everyone’s efforts.”