Food crisis charity dance on Sunday

A charity dance is to be held in Derry this Sunday to aid of Trocaire’s emergency appeal for the victims of drought in east Africa

Organiser Liam Bradley is appealing for lovers of dance to support the event. “Millions of people are in real danger of starving to death and we’d like to do our bit to help them.”

A charity dance is to be held in the Everglades Hotel this Sunday with dancing from 9pm-11pm.

Admission is just £1.

It’s believed that as many as 10 million people have been left in urgent need of food in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

A prolonged period of drought - the worst Africa has seen in over half a century - has resulted in crop failure and the death of livestock by the thousands.

Thousands of families have been left without food and water and in certain areas one in every four children has become dangerously malnourished.