Footballers to unite against homophobia during Pride

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The third annual Foyle Football v Homophobia Tournament - a joint initiative between The Rainbow Project, Old Library Trust and Foyle Pride Festival - will be launched on the steps of the Guildhall at 1pm on Wednesday.

The organisers say the popular 5-a-side tournament, which will take place during Foyle Pride, is helping further undermine prejudice.

“Football v Homophobia exists to combat discrimination based upon sexual orientation and gender identity in football by working to ensure that football teams are inclusive to LGBTQ players and that football is promoted within the LGBTQ community,” state the organisers.

“Homophobia, bi-phobia and transphobia has no place anywhere in our community or on our sports teams.

“Local footballers, political representatives and community activists are invited to support Foyle Football v Homophobia by wearing a football, Gaelic football, Rugby or sports jersey for the launch,” they add.

The tournament will take place on Friday, August 25 at 2pm. To register or for inquiries, please email