Footpath remedial works

Deputy Charlie McConalogue and Councillor Martin McDermott have welcomed remedial works being carried out on the footpath from Wesley Hall to Bridge Street in Carndonagh.

The footpath has been in need of repair for some time and was a real ‘trip hazard’ to the local community. Deputy McConalogue has been in direct contact with senior roads engineer for the area, Jim McLaughlin, regarding the specific problems.

Both Fianna Faill representatives have welcomed the works but pointed out that this is one of a number of areas in the town which require attention.

Deputy McConalogue said: “It is good to see the Council finally taking action on a problem footpath in the town, something that was of real concern to the local community. However, it is imperative that the Council now looks at other areas in the town. The New Road footpaths spring to mind with the broken kerbing and cracks on the footpaths, as well as broken footpaths in the Diamond area.”

Colr. McDermott said he would like to see works undertaken in Carndonagh similar to those that were taken in Buncrana.

“I’m delighted to see the Council finally taking action on this problem area. This is something that I raised during my local election campaign and along with Deputy McConalogue, we have been pursuing this works to be undertaken for some time. What I would like to see is more complete works to be undertaken, similar to those in Buncrana. This would address the footpaths and kerbing in the long term and as can be seen with Buncrana, improves the look of the town tenfold.”