‘For the sake of our children’

A Limavady man has collected more than 500 signatures on a petition calling for the provision of a green field site in the densely populated Bovalley area of the town.

Petrie Place resident, Lester Martin said he was inspired to go door-to-door to drum up support for such a site - for community, recreational and leisure use - because children in the area have no common space to play safely in.

“This is for the children, who have nothing,” he said, “and it’s a shame. In the old days, where I lived in the town we had the dump pitches but now there is nothing for children. If my son wants to go out and kick a ball I have to get in the car and drive him somewhere. This is a community issue that affects everyone and, when I went around the houses, there were only two people who objected.”

Mr. Martin said when one of the developments in the area was built some years ago there was mention of providing a green space, but, he says, “that was some years ago and there has been nothing”. He said there were also plans to provide space along with residential housing in the area, subject to planning approval, but said the site wasn’t the safest due its location near the river.

“This is for the sake of our children,” he said. “Children should have somewhere safe to play, whether that is cricket or football or whatever. They should have a space that they can walk to, that is just around the corner from their home, and be safe and, if need be, their parents can walk if they need to get them.”

Mr. Martin will speak to Limavady Borough councillors next month. The petition also states that “with almost 7,000 residents living in this densely populated area, we feel that the provision of such a facility is long overdue.”