Fountain looking to ‘bright and positive future’

Jeanette Warke. (DER0114PG054)
Jeanette Warke. (DER0114PG054)

Members of the Cathedral Youth Club are about to construct their very own memory lane in Derry’s Fountain with a unique street museum which will combine the past with the present in a new exhibition.

Jeanette Warke, Youth Club manager, highlighted the exhibition this week as one of a number of major projects the community centre in Derry’s Fountain are currently engaged in and which she says will have a transformative effect on everyone in the city centre locality.

“We’re so excited about the street museum because in researching old photographs it’s given our young people a chance to see the place as it was back before the Troubles. The photos they’ve chosen to represent will be enlarged and installed on the railings outside the club.

“We also plan to target five houses in the area and give them a facelift.

“For us, this project is about giving the Fountain area a new look and the community putting itself in a positive frame of mind.”

The local community worker says the Cathedral Youth Club has now broadened its remit and that all people living in the area, both young and old, have been able to avail of projects which are leading them towards a more bright and inclusive future.

“We have so much to offer here, our young people are proud of where they live and they love inviting people to come and discover the Fountain.”

This week, in a special article in the Sunday Journal, Jeanette talks about the lasting impact the Cathedral Youth Club has made to the lives of people living in the interface areas and for photo coverage of the group’s involvement in the Music Promise.