Four jaeger bombs!!!

Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh

One of Britain’s fasted rising comedians, Seann Walsh, will be performing his new stand up set in The Playhouse on Thursday night. After an extremely successful year, appearing on shows such as Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Live at the Apollo, Seann has taken his new show, Ying and Young on a 25 date tour, kicking off in Derry. He spoke to local writer Adam Keys.Adam Keys “So Seann firstly, could you tell me how you got into comedy?”

Seann Walsh “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, when I got to 21 I was managing a pub, and I’ll tell you how well it’s doing, that pub is now shut down! I was 21 with no qualifications and thought I’d give it a try, I guess I didn’t really have any other options.

AK “Ying and Young, could you tell me a bit about the show?”

SW “Basically the show is about how difficult it is to have one drink. When I was writing it I was doing “Stand Up For The Week” on Channel Four and only had one night a week off so I was doing a lot of binge drinking and there was nothing normal in my life. I didn’t really have time to write a show so I just wrote about bingeing, rather than telling people about the rest of my life which was incredibly boring. I kept going back to Jaeger bombs, you know something, Jaegermeister and Red Bull should really have sponsored me with the amount of publicity I give them!”

AK “With the show being about binge drinking, do you feel there is a specific age range the show is suited to?

SW “I actually think it’s a lifestyle thing rather than an age thing. When I was writing it I wasn’t targeting anyone, I wouldn’t be that arrogant to target a specific set of people. I think everyone that has that lifestyle will enjoy it. I talked about falling asleep beside a toilet bowl when you’re drunk, it an unusual thing that, putting your head where people put their bums.”

AK “Now you appearing on TV quite regularly, do more people recognise you in the street?

SW “The thing about it is people don’t tell you they recognise you until the end of the conversation! I was watching my team play footy one day and I was standing in line picking my nose, waiting for a hotdog and someone recognized me, they stood and watched me pick my nose before they told me they recognised me, I know how it feels to be a woman with people looking at you all the time!

Other times when I’m sitting in a restaurant, two people will walk past the window, one of them double takes, whispers to the other, he plays cool, next minute he walks backwards about 20 feet has a look at me, shakes his head and goes “yeah I don’t know him”.”

AK Every show you do now is getting bigger, do you feel more comfortable on stage now?

SW “I’m a nervous wreck! I seem to be getting worse. Now people are paying to see me so it’s my duty to make them laugh! Before I was just a name on a bill so no one expected anything of me, now I’m the one they’ve come to see. They could have had four pints rather than paying to see me, so I don’t want to let them down. I think I was more confident when I first started out actually.”

AK “When something stupid happens you do you think, ‘I could use that in my show”?

SW “No, I don’t actually. I think I’m just very good at noticing the replication of human behaviour. You didn’t expect that response, did you! People are actually very predictable, if you watch them enough you’ll see patterns in what people do and it’s hilarious.

I’m actually just back from America, jet lag is a horrible thing, do you know what it’s like, it’s like the end of a hangover, and you can see the end, but then someone runs up to you, grabs you and just starts spinning you around!”

Seann will be performing in the Playhouse in Derry on Thursday 20th September and tickets are still available at the box office for £12.