Four year-old seated 16 rows away from Mum

Fiona Buchanan. (DER0714PG011)
Fiona Buchanan. (DER0714PG011)

A Derry mum has revealed how Ryanair’s new booking procedure saw the company seat her little girl 16 rows away from her on the plane.

Fiona Buchanan from Newbuildings who is due to fly from City of Derry airport to Birmingham tomorrow to see a sick family member, says she was appalled when she checked in online to find that Ryanair now randomly allocate seats,

Since the start of February, Ryanair has been allocating seats at random unless passengers pay an extra charge of up to £10 to choose to sit together - even if they have booked together.

This meant her four year-old Mollie would have to sit alone in row 8 while Fiona with one year-old Lucy on her lap would sit in row 24.

“It was just ridiculous,” said Fiona .

“Ryanair have now rung me and told me they can seat Mollie and I together. But it’s a shame it had go this far before they did anything.

“Surely the system should have recognised that they had seated a four year-old girl on their own?

“There is a duty of care surely. It’s just not acceptable. When I raised it with customer service I was told I should have paid the premium.

“It’s not that I wouldn’t pay the money, I couldn’t, because you can’t choose and pay for your seats if you check less than seven days prior to departure.

“If one good thing comes out of this it will be if Ryanair decide to look at their policy and make changes. Obviously if we’re talking about adults they can pay the fee, but when it’s children under ten they should waive the fee. They need to make these things clearer.”

Yesterday the Journal asked Ryanair if they are considering changing their policy in light of Fiona’s case.

A spokesperson said their customer relations team had dealt directly with the customer in relation to the matter. They added that Ryanair’s terms & conditions can be viewed on their website