Fox n’ Crew in the finals

Jamie Gowdy and Reece Cavanagh at Central Primary School open day.
Jamie Gowdy and Reece Cavanagh at Central Primary School open day.

This is the daring group of local dancers who are hoping to emulate the success of troupe Diversity, when they appear on the All Ireland Talent Show next Sunday night.

Fox ‘n Crew were picked by mentor Dana to represent the North as one of the eight finalists.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’, Kim, Fox who runs classes in Derry and Donegal, said the group were excited about next week’s performance and wanted people from Derry and Donegal to pick up the phone and vote for them.

“We’re very excited,” she said. “We’re working hard to get ready for the show when we’ll be doing street dancing and hip hop.

“We’re hoping the people in Derry and Donegal will pick up the phone or text to vote for us.”

The team which include dancers from all corners of the North West will travel to Dublin next week to take part in the live show.

Classes for the group run in Donegal with more classes planned for Derry in the near future.

The nine-piece hip-hop dance troupe Fox N Crew range in age from 15 to 23 and have been dancing together for two years.

They are part of the Fox N Crew dance school, and practise every day in Letterkenny community centre. The dance school was set up by their teacher Kim Fox, 28, who started dancing when she lived in Belfast.

You can watch Fox ‘n Crew on the All Ireland Talent show on RTE 1 on Sunday at 6.30 p.m.