Foyle Search pull 13 people from Foyle in 2015

Foyle Search volunteers patrolling the river.
Foyle Search volunteers patrolling the river.

Foyle Search and Rescue volunteers have pulled 13 people alive from the River Foyle during 2015.

The Derry charity, widely considered the city’s fourth emergency service, have also returned the bodies of two people to their families over the past year.

Overall, newly released figures show that Foyle Search and Rescue attended 154 incidents over the past year - down 19% on 2014.

The charity was set up in 1993 in response to the number of lives lost to the River Foyle.

During 2015, its volunteers gave over 11,000 of hours of unpaid service to the local community.

During this period, Foyle Search and Rescue were involved in a total of 154 incidents, down 19% from 2014 figures.

A spokesman for Foyle Search and Rescue said: “There were 61 instances where distressed people were taken away from river’s edge or bridges.

“We approached a further 76 people we thought may have needed our help.

“In addition, volunteers carried out one boat rescue and assisted An Garda Siochana in search for a high risk missing male.

“Our statics for the year does not include the major incident in June is which FS&R along with other statutory agencies rescued 28 people from the water who were in a canoe accident.

“Thank you for the continued generosity of both the local community and statutory agencies, for which we are extremely grateful.”