Frightful scenes in Malin Head this Halloween

A scene from the Malin Head video.
A scene from the Malin Head video.

Gruesome ghouls, strange sights and a murderer on the loose have all been seen around Malin Head Community Hall recently - but it’s all for a very good cause.

The hall is set to be transformed into a sensational haunted horror house for Halloween next Wednesday and Thursday night.

The fundraising event, which will see all proceeds go towards the hall itself, has already created quite a stir across Inishowen.

A video trailer advertising the ‘Fright Night’ has gone viral across the peninsula and further afield.

The trailer, which teases how “every community has a dark secret” was filmed by the team termed ‘Away in the Head Productions.’

After being posted on the Malin Head Community facebook page last week, it was watched thousands of times and a second trailer was posted online just as the ‘Journal’ went to print last night.

‘Fright Night 2014’ will take place over two nights, Wednesday, October 29th and Thursday, October 30th when the hall is set to be turned into a haunted house with spooky goings-on around every corner of a ‘maze.’ There’s also a murderer on the loose. Will you find him before he finds you?

One of the organisers, Robert Farren, of the hall fundraising committee, said the event promises to be frighteningly fun. He confirmed there would also be an earlier performance for young children and those who are of a nervous disposition!

He said: “We are ecstatic at the reaction we’ve received so far. Thousands have watched the trailer, which we made ourselves. We did ‘Brawl in the Hall’ last year, which was a big success and we came up with this for Halloween.

“The whole hall will be transformed into a haunted house and there’ll be something different and scarier around every corner. We’ll have a murderer on the loose, the walking dead and much, much more. People will have to come and see for themselves. The hall really will be transformed and it’s all hands on deck. We have around 20 - 30 people across the community working on it. It’s a real community event and everyone from right across Inishowen is very welcome.”

The Fright Night for those under 12-years-old will take place over both nights from 6pm - 8.30pm. The children will also receive a party bag.

The older, scarier version will then take place from 9pm until late for adults.

Admission is five euro, but there will be a family discount and it’s pay at the door.

All proceeds will go towards the Community Hall.