From the archive: Bishop Daly revokes ruling on Requiem Mass for volunteers - January 1988

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The Bishop of Derry, Most Rev. Dr. Edward Daly, has revoked his ruling of March last that Requiem Mass would not be offered in any city churches with the bodies of paramilitaries present.

His decision followed an announcement by the IRA on Monday last that it would no longer fire shots during the funerals of its volunteers. Bishop Daly has also called on the RUC to review their policy of policing at republican funerals.

He stressed that he made the initial ruling not as a judgement on the deceased but because he genuinely feared that lives could be lost inside church grounds and because it was his duty to protect church grounds and keep them sacred.

“The natural inclination for a bishop, priest or any other churchman is to administer to the grieving families without hassle,” said Bishop Daly.