From the archive: Derry woman has had audiences with four different Popes - December 1979

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During a recent visit to Rome, Mrs. Isobel Duffy, of Buncrana Road, Derry, was privileged to have an audience with Pope John Paul II.

Although this audience was an honour in itself, it has particular significance for Mrs. Duffy, because Pope John Paul is the fourth Pope she has had the privilege of meeting.

Mrs. Duffy explained how, during a visit to Rome in the late 1940s, she had a chance meeting with an Irish-born priest, which has resulted in audiences for her with Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII, Pope John VI and Pope John Paul II.

“Since about 1945, I have visited Rome every year,” she said.

“During one of the first pilgrimages I made to the city, I got lost while looking for the shrine of St. Teresa, and met Father Charles Newell from Galway.”