From the archive: Heavy rain causes severe flooding across Derry - November 1978

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Heavy rain in the early hours of Wednesday caused widespread flooding in the North West and Thursday’s continuous downpour did little to abate the effects felt by people in several areas.

Pennyburn and Galliagh appeared to be the two worst hit Derry city districts, while in parts of Donegal farmers reported the worst flooding in over thirty years. Traffic was diverted all day from the Strand Road - Buncrana Road junction, which was under several feet of water. And residentsin the new Ederowen Park housing estate in Galliagh woke on Wednesday to find themselves virtually cut off from the rest of the city. Up to four feet of water blocked the only road entrance to the estate and many people had to make their way to work through fields. Some people were unable to get to work and children were kept off school.