From the archive: UVF admits Dunnes Stores attack - December 1992

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UVF claims Dunnes attack

The Ulster Volunteer Force (U.V.F.) this week claimed responsibility for the incendiary attack on Dunnes Stores, Ballymagroarty, which sparked off a fire at the premises in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Using a recognised codeword, the U.V.F. said that the offensive was in “direct response” to attacks carried out by the I.R.A. in “commerical premises in Loyalist areas of Londonderry”.

The U.V.F. said that the resulting loss of jobs and hardship caused in Derry by “republican sectarian attacks” would not be borne solely by the Loyalist community.

More cars damaged by bollards

At least two more vehicles have been damaged by the British Army’s electronically controlled bollards at the cross-border checkpoint at Coshquin on the main Derry to Donegal road.

The latest incidents occurred last Thursday and it is not believed that anyone was injured when the bollards damaged two cars.

The incidents have led to renewed calls for the bollards to be removed before a motorist is seriously injured.

More than a dozen cars have been badly damaged by the hydraulically controlled bollards, which are designed to stop vehicles.

Council stand firm on gaming

Derry City Council’s firm opposition to gaming machines was reaffirmed at this week’s Planning Committee when a local businessman won support for a planned amusement arcade and snooker hall on Racecourse Road.

Brian Devlin, who wants to turn a vacant store into three shops and a snooker hall, told the Guildhall meeting there was a “general perception” that amusement arcades invariably meant gambling machines.

He proposed to have amusement-only games, like Space Invaders, and to provide three or four snooker tables in an alcohol-free environment.