From the Camp to the Creggan returns for a second run at the Millennium Forum

Carmel Mc Cafferty and Gerry Doherty.
Carmel Mc Cafferty and Gerry Doherty.

The Derry Journal has teamed up with playwright Brian Foster to give away two sets of tickets for From the Camp to the Creggan when it opens on Tuesday October 21

The premiere run of this hilarious play, received rave reviews from the critics, and standing ovations from huge audiences over each of its four night run.

And now it’s returning. The action is set in Springtown Camp and Derry’s Guildhall back in 1963. Young radical socialist father of five, Harry Kelly , comes up with a unique plan to show up the ‘faceless men’ of Derry’s political establishment to the outside world. Communities across the city have been invited to enter a Christmas competition, to be held in the Guildhall, to find the best short nativity play. So Harry sits down and writes a play for the local children to perform.

But, with the eight-year-old children played by adult actors, Gerry Doherty, Carmel Mc Cafferty, Pat Lynch and Bill Waters, this will be a nativity play like no other. Add Seamas Heaney, Rachel Melaugh and Shaunsy Coyle to the mix, and the scene is set for a night of politically/religiously incorrect, side-splitting laughter! To enter email, ring 71272259 or leave a comment on our facebook link.

Winners will be drawn at 3 p.m. on Friday.

You can book tickets on or ring 02871264455.