Frostbit Boy Ruairi McSorley outsells Taylor Swift

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He’s done it.

Derry’s favourite weather commentator Ruairi McSorley has made it to number one in the Irish country charts - and he’s even beaten Taylor Swift in Itune sales.

Frostbit lad as he’s more commonly known yesterday released his debut single - The Girl for Me.

It’s number two in the UK Itunes chart, number one in Ireland and number tow in the UK country charts.

On his facebook page Ruairi said: “Unbelievable hi, Well I just want to thank everybody that downloaded it and donated and I’m glad youse all enjoyed it so well and we’ll have raised some heap already for Brainwaves, a powerful charity altogether- but keep requesting and downloading it there and let’s raise as much dough as we can like. For everybody, (which was nearly everybody) that didn’t understand what I was actually saying, we’re going to upload a singalong version with all the words now before long as well, so ye can all learn the words as well. A lot of youse really enjoyed this tune and I’m glad hi, but I can tell ye we’ve only hit the ground running, the real craic’s only about te start..

There’s the link for youse that haven’t already got it-

The real craic’s only about te star

Frostbit lad