Frostbit Boy Ruairi up for green bottle challenge

Paddy McBride and Ruairi McSorley.
Paddy McBride and Ruairi McSorley.

The man that local people have come to know affectionately as ‘Frostbit Boy’ is to attempt singing 1,000 verses of Ten Green Bottles next Saturday (October 17)

Ruairi McSorley, the teen who shot to fame when he was interviewed on UTV after last year’s bad snow, says he’s looking forward to the charity event which will take place in the Richmond Centre next Saturday.

“It’s a mad idea but I decided that with this oul fame and all I had te do something for charity,” he said.

“We’ve timed the verses and we reckon the whole thing is going to take about five hours to complete.

“I’ll be on the honey and lemon the night before.”

“I hope lots of people will be there to support Children in Crossfire who I’m raising the money for. There’ll be people there on the day shaking buckets or you can donate

How many verses can you take?

How many verses can you take?

Rory has also co-written a song with Paddy McBride.

“I’m going te bring out a song of me own there that myself and Paddy Mcbride have been working away at for BrianwavesNi,” he said. “This songs all a bit a craic anyway and its just a wee tune about me looking for a wee woman, it’ll be sort of hard te pronounce but it’ll be a good country tune now and we’ll be able te jive away to it. So I need one powerful looking woman te let on te be curting me, another auler woman with false teeth that’s up for a bit a craic, and as many ones that can jive as well, it’ll be great craic now and anybody that’s up for it’s more than welcome te be in it, it’ll be filmed around home as well during the day and then we’ll likely head on te a country dance some road te film the last bit.”

Ruairi wants as many people as possible to support him next week.

Let’s hope it’s a smash it.