Fuel hikes stun Inishowen

Inishowen motorists are facing another petrol price hike as fuel hit record highs in the peninsula yesterday.

Petrol reached a staggering 1.531 euro and 1.521 for diesel in one filling station in the peninsula causing many motorists to car-share to avoid the high fuel prices.

One cross border worker told the ‘Journal’ she’s forced to share the journey with her partner as the price at the pumps rises even further.

“I find it saves me at least €60 euro per week, which over the course of a year is a lot of money. We would never go back to using two cars now, because it’s just such a waste of money.”

The AA have called on the incoming government to reduce tax on fuel as the prices pass the €1.50 mark, saying the rise is having an horrendous effect on motorists.

Jim McLaughlin from Topaz Filling Station in Muff thinks the government has no choice but to drop the price of fuel soon.

“I don’t think it’s right that petrol is so expensive, the carbon tax is just getting higher. But this can’t go on, there isn’t as much traffic on the roads as there used to be. People can’t afford to run from A to B as much anymore.

“I’ve five children myself and between running them to Red Cross or Youth Clubs you can be out 50 or 60 euro no problem, people don’t have disposable income anymore.”

Mr McLaughlin believes all small businesses in Inishowen are finding it tough at the minute.

“Fuel is dear, but then so is a loaf of bread, everything is expensive these days, but people still need fuel. We’re struggling as well because it’s impossible to get credit from your suppliers, if you order your fuel you have to pay for it then and there.

“Small businesses in general are suffering and there definitely isn’t the same mark up in petrol anymore, it’s getting a lot smaller these days.”